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How does it work?

How does it work?

You are the one to manage your time and you decide who you work with. You define what success means to you and carry out your plan in a way which is most convenient for you. All of this is possible thanks to the system, in which FM GROUP operates – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

MLM (multi-level marketing) is a form of direct sales, it bypasses the traditional network of shops. Sales in MLM is based on direct contact with a customer, which reduces to a minimum the way of the product to the buyer. Partners can offer their customers attractive and unique goods which are not available in traditional shops. Direct sales, which is a part of the MLM system, is a well-established way of selling in the world, normed by multiple regulations. Income from the MLM sales in the European Union alone has an annual value of 20 billion euros, while in Poland the annual turnover in the direct selling is well over 2 billion dollars.

FM GROUP as a company operating in the MLM system, gives you many opportunities. Select the one that suits you best:


Buy cheaper

The great advantage of FM GROUP’s offer is the fact, that it includes products for daily use such as perfumes, body care products, household chemistry and others. Partners have the option to buy FM GROUP’s products and services at lower prices, thus save on their own purchases.


Recommend and sell FM GROUP products to others

Once you have found out about the uniqueness and usefulness of FM GROUP products, you can recommend them to other people: your family, friends, acquaintances or neighbours. Finding a customer for high quality daily use products is simple. This way – if you wish – you can start earning on distribution, because as a Partner you buy products with a discount and sell them with a profit. The difference between the prices, the profit margin, stays in your pocket.


Be a leader! Build your own distribution network.

In order to achieve an even better financial result it is good to create your own structures of distribution. Building structures is none other than encouraging new people to do exactly what you do – sell FM GROUP products and services. This way you become a Sponsor, that is a guide on the offer and rules of cooperation with FM GROUP. Besides the commission for your own purchase, you get a commission for the purchases in your effectively functioning group, in which each person has reached a certain Effectiveness Level. The commission is also granted to the members of your structure, and those sponsored by them. All of you work together for your common success.

Note! MLM is not a financial pyramid! Your profits come from the sale of goods and services, not from contributions by other members.

Detailed information on the MLM system can be found in the Marketing Plan.

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