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Catalog's price: €69.95

  • Collection: Utique
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Fragrance: Gold

Gold perfume which dazzles like gold and is exquisite like handcrafted jewellery. Majestic, essential, inspiring. The essence of oriental splendour. Spray around the charming mist of sensual sensations.

Type: luxurious, exquisite

Fragrance notes:
Head: red pepper, cedarwood, nutmeg
Heart: iris, saffron, vetiver
Base: cypriol, patchouli, black musk, amber

Product variants:

100 ml
100 ml
Code: 502001
€69.95|Points: 200.00

15 ml
15 ml
Code: 502001.02
€21.95|Points: 62.00